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TATA coin vs TATA

What is TATA Coin?

TATA Coin is a token introduced by US & UK based Hakunamatata finance.

Is it funded by TATA?

There's a confusion among investors so let us clarity. The project has no links to TATA group & TATA Sons.

The Ongoing Case

TATA Sons have filed an appeal related to the trademark infringement by Hakunamatata after the introduction of TATA coin

The High Court Response

The Delhi High Court has granted Tata Sons an ad-interim injunction against Hakunamatata.

About TATA coin

Its noted that the people behind TATA coin are UK nationals of Pakistani origin. The website is accessible to Indian users.

Is TATA coin a scam?

TATA coin may or may not be a scam but since the project used the TATA trademark, they have to change the name.

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