STEPN DOOAR beat ORCA Dex – Katoch Tubes


What is STEPN?

STEPN is the first move-to-earn crypto app that reward healthy lifestyle. It has its own marketplace for buying NFT Sneakers

What is DOOAR?

Launched in June 2022, DOOAR is the native DEX os STEPN app. It will be used to swap tokens, specifically on Solana

What's the big deal?

Within weeks of launch DOOAR has surpassed Orca to claim the number one spot among Solana's decentralized exchanges

Numbers don't lie

Acc. to data provided by DUNE it has 77,000 daily active users surpassing ORCA by 6000.

The Liquidity Pair

DOOAR started with two liquidity pools for its native tokens GST/USDC & GMT/USDC & anyone can add token on the DEX

Where to trade?

DOOAR doesn't have a frontend. Users can swap tokens within the STEPN app.

Can we stake tokens?

At the time of writing staking GST or GMT isn't possible on DOOAR but Solend has offered deposit yield upto 480% 

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