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Deep-Dive into StellaR. Can Stellar  Lumens (XLM) hit  $1?

What is  Stellar Lumens?

Stellar is a P2P network for digital currencies & payments. Users can buy,sell & send any currency (including fiat) using the Stellar blockchain.

Who are the founders?

Stellar was founded in 2014 by Jed McCaleb (co-creator of Ripple Labs Inc.) & Joyce Kim. Jed left Ripple to start Stellar over a dispute.

What's the use  of XLM Coin?

XLM powers the network by facilitating trade and transfer of currencies on the network. Users must hold atleast 1 XLM to transfer on the network.

Max supply 50 billion

Ripple vs Stellar

Unlike Ripple, Stellar is a completely decentralized network. Moreover, it is focused on retail users while Ripple is created  for financial institutions

Stellar Partnerships

Stellar inked key partnerships with major players. MoneyGram is one of them. Click to check the list -

Top Features:

1. Can host ICO 2. 5 seconds transaction confirmation time 3. Lowest gas fees 4. Global Partnerships 5. Real world use case

Is XLM worth investing?

If you want to transfer currency, XLM is your go to network but when it comes to holding XLM,  it may not give you good returns since it never hit $1 in its 10 years of life.

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