Entering the SAGA  of SOLANA Smartphone

Entering the SAGA  of SOLANA Smartphone

About SAGA Smartphone

SAGA is the first web3 powered smartphone built by Solana Labs. It has Solana Mobile Stack (SMS) to bring digital assets, products & services on mobile.

Face behind  Solana Smartphone

The device was launched by the founder of Solana Anatoly Yakovenko. The project is backed by  FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried

SAGA Special Features

The SMS will have several key features -  1. Seed vault 2. Mobile wallet 3. Solana Pay for Android 4. Own Dapp Store

What's for developers?

$10 million developer fund is allocated for developers who build  apps for SMS (Solana Mobile Stack).  Fund is backed by FTXPhantom & Magic Eden

What the launch  meant for Solana?

This launch has opened a new tech portal for Solana. It has entered the space  of Apple & traditional tech giants. A new arena for the whole crypto  community.

SAGA Device  Configuration

SAGA will have 512 GB storage and 6.67 inches OLED display. The product will be priced at around  $1000 a piece &  run on Android OS

SAGA vs HTC Desire 22 PRO

SAGA has a new competitor named HTC Desire 22 PRO. The first Metaverse smartphone.  Details -

SAGA vs Nothing

Nothing is also a web3 powered smartphone with Polygon. Details -

Polygon joins  the party

After SAGA & HTC Polygon smartphone  is here.  Check the details -

How to buy SAGA Smartphone?

SAGA is available on preorder. Click the  link below to  purchase it on Solanamobile.

Solana Partnerships

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