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Solana Partnerships

Solana Partnerships

What is Solana

Launched in 2017, Solana is a layer 1 chain hosting over 300+ projects in its ecosystem. Checkout the details-

Technical Specs:

1. Tx Speed: 50,000 tps 2. Consensus: POS (POH) 3. Ticker: SOL 4. Supply: 500 million 5. Language: Rust, C, C++

Solana Partnerships

Solana has inked partnerships with top  players in the crypto industry to strengthen its chain & ecosystem.  Details in the next slides.

Scaling Audius

Audius is the no.1 music streaming dapp with over 800K monthly active users. Solana will help it with L1 & L2 solution. Checkout-

Serum DEX with FTX

Serum is a high-speed  DEX built on the Solana blockchain in partnership with FTX (Alameda Research). Together  FTX  & Solana are planning for web3 games

USDT stablecoin 

Stablecoins are necessary to ease the transactions for L1 chains. Solana has partnered with iFinex & launched USDT on its chain. More on -

Chainlink Oracle

Solana has partnered with Chainlink to help with real & relevant data sources. Learn more about the oracle -

Brave Browser

Brave Browser is a web3 friendly dapp on Ethereum. The brave wallet & its web3.0 applications are supported by Solana

In-depth Partnership details

Please visit the link below to learn in-depth about each of these partnerships-

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