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Solana Chain

Solana Chain

What is Solana blockchain?

Solana is a L1 chain that supports dapps, smart contracts & marketplaces. Consider it as an advanced version of Ethereum with low fee.

Founder of Solana blockchain?

Solana was founded in 2017 by Anatoly Yakovenko (in pic). He's a tech engineer & has worked for  Qualcomm & Dropbox.

Transaction Speed

Solana can process nearly 50,000 - 65000 transactions per second (tps). It's a big number when compared to Ethereum 15 tps &  Visa 1700 tps

Solana (SOL) Token

SOL is the native token  of Solana.It is used to validate & secure the transactions. Supply  500 million. Also read-

How does Solana blockchain work?

Solana uses POS  mechanism with POH (Proof of History), processing each block in 400ms. Details -

Solana Funding

Solana is backed and funded by 28 investors bringing in an investment value of $335.8 million. Making it one of the most stable crypto project.

Solana Mobile SAGA

Solana surprised the  crypto market after launching the first web3 focused smartphone -

Problem with Solana

The recent blackouts  have raised concerns  about the reliability of  the chain. It was halted 8 times  in its lifetime which  is a concerning number.

SOL Price Prediction

It's all about inflation. Best case will be SOL hitting $500. Worst case -$10 per token. Checkout Solana -

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