What is SiaCoin?

Siacoin is an open-source, decentralized cloud storage platform. It works similar to AWS or Google cloud storage but at a lower cost & in a decentralized manner

Siacoin Founders

Siacoin was launched in 2015 by computer scientists David Vorick  and Luke Champine. Sia means God of Perception. Also read -


1. Type: Storage Network 2. Token: Siacoin (SC) 3. Supply: Unlimited 4. Competitors: FIL, AR Checkout its competitor -

Siacoin Products

1. SiaStream: For media streaming in a decentralized manner 2. Skynet: For storing & accessing data on Sia network.

Sia Token (SC)

Sia is the native token of Sia network. SC is used as a currency between the data host & data renter. The deal is honoured via smart contract just like Filecoin network

What is Siafunds?

Siafunds is another token by the network. It is used to incentivise the users via revenue sharing.  3.9% of every storage transaction is distributed  to the holder of Siafunds

Siacoin Mining

Sia blockchain uses proof of work consensus mechanism which makes it mining friendly. Sia can be mined easily using ASIC mining machines.

Can Siacoin reach $10?

Siacoin has unlimited supply & its an inflationary token. It won't reach $10, infact reaching $1 require huge shift in marketcap. It's ATH was $0.09 and reaching $10 is a dream

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