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What is SafeMoon? Should it be part of your portfolio?

What is SafeMoon? Should it be part of your portfolio?

What is SafeMoon Crypto?

Launched on March 08,2021, SafeMoon is a crypto token built on BSC. A passive income generator. Many claim it to be a meme token like Dogecoin & Shiba INU.

How does SafeMoon work?

SafeMoon charges 10% fees on transactions, with 5% redistribution to token holders. Generating an instant passive income, similar to Evergrow Crypto token.

SafeMoon Products:

1. SafeMoon App: It has wallet apps for both Android & iOS. 2. SafeMoon V2  3. SafeMoon Card. Many other launches are delayed and  behind timeline.

What's wrong with SafeMoon?

1. No real world use-case. 2. Just a Meme coin. 3. Identified as Ponzi scheme. 4. No proven record of developers

Will SafeMoon  reach $1?

It's not possible for SafeMoon to ever hit $1. The model is based upon the number of transactions & rewards to holders. With excessive supply its almost impossible to hit $1

Switching (SFM) to Bitgert (BRISE)

Many investors are planning to switch holding from SFM to BRISE. Its tempting at first, We sincerely suggest to look for proven Altcoins like ETH, than BRISE.

Should you hold SafeMoon crypto?

The token is losing value since the start of the year. There are no signs of recovery & no comeback plan by the team. It's better to wave goodbye to SafeMoon.

How to buy SafeMoon Crypto?

If you still believe in the project and have trust in the team. You can purchase SafeMoon  from Coinbase or Pancakeswap.

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