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Bleeding Rupee

Bleeding Rupee

What is happening to Rupee?

Rupee has fallen an all time low against US Dollar. It is reported to have reached Rs 80 per dollar in this month.

Reasons of Rupee fall against Dollar

1. Pessimistic Global Market sentiments. 2. FII Outflow from India 3. Rising Inflation 4. US Rate Hike

What's happening  in the US?

US economy is reportedly shrinking with inflation reaching 9.1%. An all time high. FED rate hike affecting global trade.

What's with Europe?

Europe is on the verge of energy crisis. Mostly because of sanctions on Russia. Making it more susceptible to recession.

The worst hit nation

SriLanka is the worst hit nation. SriLankan rupee stands at 360 rupees per dollar. Thanks to bad policies & corruption.

How will it affect Indian consumers?

A weakened Rupee will increase the import cost which will again add to inflation. Prepare for paying higher than usual in coming months.

When will  Rupee recover?

There's no sign of recovery against dollar. The fall may extend upto Rs 85 per dollar in the next 6 months.

Advice to Indian Consumers

Save cash. Do not invest in equities & risky assets for the next 6 months. Saving & keeping cash is the best hedge in current situation.

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