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Ripple - Travelex partnership

What is Ripple?

Founded in 2012, Ripple Labs Inc. is a blockchain payment company with native XRP token.

About Travelex Bank

Travelex is a digital bank based in Brazil that's focused on cross border payments at lowest cost & instant settlements

The Partnership News

Travelex has partnered with Ripple to make its system faster & cheap using Ripple's OnDemand Liquidity (ODL) solution

The Dry Run

The deal will kickoff with a dry run by the bank, assisting payments between Mexico & Brazil using Ripple ODL

Numbers don't lie

Brazil accounts for $780 billion worth of payments each year from outside the country. Hence the need for a robust system

About Ripple Finances

Ripple is valued at $15 billion. The total sale of its native XRP currency is growing and hit $408 mn  in the latest quarter

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