Ripple - Celsius Merger?

What is Ripple?

Founded in 2012, Ripple Labs Inc. is a blockchain payment company with native XRP token.

What is Celsius?

Celsius is a crypto bank providing lending & borrowing services. It filed for bankruptcy in July 2022. In pic, Celsius CEO

The News

Despite the SEC case, Ripple has grown multifold & looking for M&A. It's checking relevancy of Celsius assets.

About Celsius Assets

The assets include digital assets in loans, custody accounts, CEL token & BTC mining business

About Ripple Finances

Ripple is valued at $15 billion. The total sale of its native XRP currency is growing and hit $408 mn  in the latest quarter

Ripple SEC Case

In 2020, SEC charged Ripple claiming it sold XRP as security. The case is ON & Ripple seems to be winning the argument

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