Get ready for CBDC  Your new currency

About e-Rupee

e-Rupee is the CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) issued and monitored by  the Reserve Bank of India.

What's so special about it?

CBDC is an answer from central banks to cryptocurrencies. It will be securer, traceable, stable and digitally controlled by the banks.

Reaching the Unbanked

Being digital, CBDC has the power to reach the unbanked and help them contribute to the digital economy. 

e-Rupee Pilot launch 

On Oct 7, RBI has announced the pilot launch of e-Rupee (CBDC) on selected locations in India focusing on specific use-case.

Types of CBDC

In general there are two types  of CBDC - Wholesale & Retail. Wholesale for financial institutions & retail for the consumers.

China Digital currency

China is leading the race with  e-CNY. Swipe up to read

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