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Quilvius Crypto for book lovers

What is Quilvius?

Quilvius is a new crypto project that will help restore the presence of books using blockchain technology

Project Vision

Quilvius aims to revive the knowledge industry that's becoming extinct by building an ecosystem of readers & writers 

About the Community

The community will include authors, lessors, readers, translators & investors. A complete chain to knowledge economy.

Community Tags

The Quilvius community will be known as Quilvius Troupe & the members will be known as Quilvius Dias

The revenue model

The authors are the backbone, they will make money by producing  & selling books to Lessors. Lessors will rent the books to readers & so on.

The QVIU token bonus

The platform will offer discounts when purchasing books in certain coins like ETH, SOL etc. User will also get bonus buying in fiat.


Quilvius is a new crypto project. This post is not an investment advice. Please do your due-diligence before investing in cryptos

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