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Polygon  powered web3  mobile by  nothing

Polygon  powered web3  mobile by  nothing

The Polygon  mobile News

Nothing has partnered with Polygon to launch  a new web3 powered mobile device focusing on NFTs

Who is Nothing?

Nothing is a consumer tech company founded by One Plus co-founder Carl Pei. It is known to develop innovative tech products

Nothing NFT 

Nothing launched its first NFT i.e Nothing Community Dot (in pic) which will be airdropped & available on OpenSea for trading.

The Partnership

Its a product service relationship. Nothing will launch the smartphone which will be backed by Polygon technology .

Is it Polygon Smartphone?

No, its the product of Nothing but the web 3 is powered by Polygon. Checkout the phone -

Solana SAGA vs Polygon mobile

Solana SAGA is built on Solana chain & Polygon on its chain. Learn more about SAGA -

HTC Web3 Arrival

HTC has entered the   market with web3 built smartphone.  Checkout -

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