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Decoding PLC Ultima

What is PLC Ultima?

PLC Ultima is a crypto project that aims to bridge the gap between traditional business and the crypto world with its unique infrastructure.

Face of PLC Ultima

Alex Reinhardt is the founder of PLC Ultima. He launched the project in December 2021 at just $0.10 per token. Within 6 months it crossed $100K

Technology Used

PLC Ultima is build using Litecoin technology. Litecoin is also a fork of Bitcoin created in 2011. Details -

Technology Specs:

Codebase: Litecoin Consensus: POW Block Time: 90 sec Minting rewards: Yes Exp:

What is  PLCU Ultima coin?

PLCU is the native token of Ultima blockchain. It is used to stake & mint new PLCU tokens & reward holders directly from smart contracts

How PLC Ultima work?

Users have to purchase Ultima Minter, PLCU coins & download Ultima Farm app. Freeze coins for 1 year & start the farm to receive monthly rewards

Investing Cost/user?

Buying Items - 1. PLCU: At current price 2. Farm : $40K approx. The purchased PLCU will be freezed for 1 year. So your cost will be - Coin price + Farm

How much you can earn?

PLC Ultima earnings depends on price of PLCU and active users. Check the link to calculate earnings -

Is PLC Ultima Scam?

PLC Ultima looks like a money circulation scheme. It works like a Ponzi  scheme driven by new user pooling in money. It won't sustain alone on existing ones.

PLC Ultima Price Forecast?

PLCU may boom in the bull run but be careful, it can saturate anytime.  There's possibility of rug pull. DYOR

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