OpenSea adds support for BNB Chain NFTs – Katoch Tubes

OpenSEA is noW open  for BNB CHain

About OpenSea

OpenSea is the world's leading NFT marketplace. It supports multiple blockchains including Ethereum, Solana, Klaytn, Avalanche & Polygon

About BNB Chain

BNB is decentralized & scalable blockchain developed by Binance Labs. It supports 1300 Dapps across multiple categories including NFTs.

What's the news?

OpenSea has announced its support for BNB Chain NFTs. It's a move by the platform to dominate the NFT market

Boost for Binance NFTs

Binance already has its own NFT marketplace. With the support of OpenSea, it will try to match Ethereum's leading NFTs.

The Integration

The integration will happen by the end of this year. This will help Binance reach more audience and also OpenSea will benefit from increase in users

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