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A quick look at NFT fractionalization

Let's talk NFT

NFT or Non-Fungible token is a digital asset or digital representation of a physical asset registered on a blockchain with traceable ownership.

NFT Fractionalization

It's in the name. NFT fractionalization is a way of democratising the NFT ownership.

How does it Work?

Rather than owning the complete artwork as NFT. Users can own the pieces of the artwork while retaining  the value of the digital asset.

Where does it fit?

NFT fractionalization is the best fit for fine arts. The premium artworks where only a handful of users can own the NFTs due to the high pricing.

How does it help?

Many artists like Sacha Jafri believes that fractionalization will help users build like minded communities which is essential for artist's growth.

Dawn of Fine Arts

From moody monkeys to punks, most NFTs had their piece of cake. Now its time for the fine arts to take the stage  with NFT fractionalization.

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