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NEAR protocol

NEAR protocol

What is NEAR Protocol?

NEAR is a decentralized blockchain. It was created to overcome the limitation of usability, scalability & security without compromising decentralization

Face of NEAR

Launched in 2017, NEAR is founded by Alexander Skidanov and developed by Illia Polosukhin. Both have worked for Google & Microsoft before starting this venture

NEAR Specs:

1. Tx Speed: 100K tps 2. Token: Deflationary 3. ETH Compatible: Yes 4. Focus Area: Usability 5. Consensus: DPOS 6. NEAR Supply: 1 Billion

What is NEAR Coin for?

NEAR is the native currency of NEAR ecosystem. It is used for rewarding the validators & serve as a mode of payment.

How NEAR work?

NEAR is a layer 1 chain. It uses Nightshade sharding. Please click the link below for details -

NEAR Wallet

NEAR has limited wallet support. However, it has its own wallet with in-wallet staking feature to attract NEAR holders.

Will NEAR Protocol  reach $100?

NEAR is one of strongest projects with developers from Microsoft & Google. It can hit $100 once the ecosystem expands like Solana

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