Mumbai Indians set to make NFT debut in 2023 – Katoch Tubes

Mumbai Indians  embrace NFT

About Mumbai Indians

Backed by Reliance, Mumbai Indians is the star cricket team in the IPL games held every year.

Entering NFT 

Mumbai Indians has raised RFP (Request for Proposal) from global & Indian tech companies to help them launch team based NFTs

The Fanbase

5 times IPL champion, Mumbai Indians have a loyal fanbase. It has 7.9 million followers on Twitter and 10.9 million followers on Instagram

Dominating Players

FanCraze & Rario are the dominating marketplaces in the NFT segment, selling licensed cricket NFT

Future of NFT

2022 hasn't been friendly for the Indian crypto industry but NFT is largely becoming a darling feature when it comes to attracting a loyal fanbase

Store your NFT safely

Ledger STAX wallet can be your alternative for storing NFTs.

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