Cashing in Monero

Cashing in Monero

What is Monero XMR?

Monero is the first cryptocurrency that value privacy & anonymity. Launched in 2014, XMR is an untraceable coin  that protects privacy

Who founded XMR?

The idea was inspired from the CryptoNote Whitepaper published in 2013 by Nicolas van Saberhagen. Later, XMR was hard forked from BitMonero

Monero Specs:

1. Tx Speed: 1700 tps 2.Tx Confirmation: 20 min 3. Block Time: 2 min 4. Supply: Unlimited 5. Consensus: POW 6.Exp:

Monero Mining

Mining XMR is very easy. A basic computer device with ARM, GPU is enough to mine XMR. Block reward is 0.6 XMR. Details-

Monero Wallet

MyMonero wallet  store XMR. Monero can also be stored in hardware wallets like Ledger & Trezor. Know how -

Monero vs Bitcoin

Monero is better at keeping privacy & secure the parties. Bitcoin is better at transaction confirmation & scalability. Both have its pros & cons

Dark Web & Monero

Dark web is a place of unauthorised & illegal activities on the internet. Monero is believed to be its currency since XMR cannot be traced & there's no public ledger.

Is Monero legal in India?

Monero is not illegal. However, it cannot be traced & no transaction record is visible to the public. Govt. hate it and may try to ban it in the future.

Monero Competitors

Will Monero  reach $10000?

Monero is easily mineable. No one can track it. Even if govt bans it. It can still trade. It is possible for XMR to hit $10,000 in next 10 years

How to buy Monero?

The best place to buy Monero is Binance & Robinhood exchanges. Buy & store it in a safe wallet.

Is Monero a  safe investment?

Monero is a good investment for the long run. However, it is always under govt. radar. DYOR before investing in XMR.

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