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Decoding Monavale MONA Coin

Understanding DIGITALAX

DIGITALAX is a digital platform for fashion brands that aims to bring fashion to the metaverse.

Relation with Monavale

DIGITALAX is the core project whose native currency is MONA Coin (Monavale)

What's so Special?

The project allows emerging designers to create fashion NFTs & game NFT/Skins which can be sold on its platform governed by users.


MONA coin is the native currency & the governance token of the 100% decentralized platform DIGITALAX. Supply: 11,300

Blockchain Supported

The project is built on Ethereum network and is also available on Polygon chain.

Is it a good investment?

Mona coin value is linked to its short supply. It isn't a good investment for long term investors but its good for   swing or day trading.

Similar Project

Checkout Metawear. A similar & better project than MONA

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