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What is LooksRare?

LooksRare is the first decentralized NFT marketplace on Ethereum. Unlike OpenSea, its completely community driven with  a rewarding system.

Face of LooksRare

Launched in Jan 2022, LooksRare was founded by Zodd & Guts (pseudonyms) with 11 other team members. All are unidentified.

Top Features:

1. Staking Rewards 2. Trading Rewards 3. Instant Royalty Payments 4. 2% Trading Fee Check the rewards-


LOOKS is the native token of LooksRare. It's used for staking & rewards distribution while wETH is used to pay for the trading fee. Total Supply : 1 billion

LOOKS Airdrop

LOOKS launched a Vampire attack on OpenSea to attract users. Here's the eligibility to qualify for airdrops-

LooksRare v OpenSea

LooksRare is a community driven platform that rewards everyone. Check the link for comparison-

LooksRare Investors

LooksRare is backed by Pranksy (co-founder of NFTboxes), Pudgy Penguins (Creator of ColeThereum) and DeeZe (NFT Collector)

Is LooksRare Legit?

From what it seems, LooksRare looks like a legit marketplace. There're incidents of Wash trading but that's normal. The platform is expanding. Here to stay

Is LooksRare a good investment?

LooksRare is an NFT platform that rewards. If you're an NFT enthusiast then LOOKS is a good investment. However, always DYOR

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