LOBSTR Crypto Wallet  & Stellar Lumens

What is LOBSTR wallet?

LOBSTR is a crypto wallet used to store & trade cryptocurrency, Stellar Lumens in specific

LOBSTR Device Support

LOBSTR wallet let's you access the platform both on desktop, mobile & tablet. Users can easily navigate & access XLM token using LOBSTR

Top Features:

1. Manage Assets 2. Buy Crypto 3. Decentralized Trading 4. Track Prices 5. Secure Storage

LOBSTR Asset Support

Companies who have issued their tokens on Stellar network are supported by LOBSTR like stablecoins, tethered crypto assets, Bitcoin etc

OS Compatible

The wallet support both  Android & iOS devices.


LOBSTR is trusted by 100K users, its one of the safest wallet for Stellar users.

Why Stellar Lumens?

Swipe up to read more about Stellar Network & why its used to transfer cryptocurrencies

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