Who is winning the crypto adoption race

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From North America to Dubai, every nation is trying hard to bring in crypto investments. Here's the list of the winners.


The Middle East and North Africa are the world's fastest-growing crypto markets. $566 billion received in cryptos between July 2021 and June 2022

2. Latin America

Latin America saw the second biggest growth at 40 per cent in the same period.

3. North America

North America was next at 36 per cent growth. The growth has slowed down due to non-friendly response from Federal Reserve.

4. Asia & Australia

Central & Southern Asia and Australia combined stands at 35 per cent growth.

MENA countries at top

Three MENA countries are among the top 30 in Global Crypto Adoption Index, with Turkey in 12th place, Egypt taking the 14th spot and Morocco 24th.

Data Source

The report is published by blockchain researcher Chainalysis. The firm is also helping authority recover crypto from Ronin hack.

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