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What is LEO token?

LEO is the utility token launched by iFinex, the company behind Bitfinex exchange. It has a total supply of 1 billion tokens.

When was LEO launched?

LEO was launched in May 2019 with the name UNUS SED LEO token. Its built on Ethereum & EOS chains.

Raising Capital

LEO was minted & sold by pegging it to USDT. iFinex raised $1 billion capital to cover up the $850 million it lost to Panama based bank

What is LEO token used for?

LEO token was created to help the community grow. Holders receive discounts & reduced fees on products & services by iFinex.

Why LEO jumped in value?

After the recovery of stolen bitcoins from Bitfinex hack in 2016. LEO skyrocketed to $8.14. 94,000 BTC  were stolen.

Other token by iFinex

USDT is the stablecoin by iFinex, the parent company of Bitfinex. Details -

Features Summaried:

1. 1 Billion supply 2. Deflationary token 3. Discount token 4. For Bitfinex exchange

Where to buy  LEO token?

LEO token can be purchased from Coinbase by using credit/debit card or  other cryptocurrencies.

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