Latin America & Cryptocurrencies

Issue in Latin America

Latin America has been a victim of hyperinflation, resulting in economic problems because of poor central bank policies.

Affected Countries

The inflation has skyrocketed to 60% in countries like Argentine, Venezuela, Mexico, Peru  & more.

The Escape Route

The countries rely heavily on US Dollar to hedge against inflation but high taxation limits the buying power per user.

Crypto to the Rescue

Many citizens are shifting to crypto stablecoins & Bitcoin as a store of value despite govt. ban

The Crypto Adoption

A study by Americas Market Intelligence found Argentina reaching 12% crypto penetration, highest among Latin countries 

Even More Adoption

Venezuela has the highest usage of cryptocurrencies in the world for inward remittance & savings

The Way Forward

With this rate, Latin America  can become the crypto continent & the first to eliminate fiat currencies & central banks.

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