A quick look at Kyber network

What is Kyber Network?

Kyber Network is a decentralized protocol that aggregates liquidity and allows exchange of tokens without an intermediary.

Why Kyber Network?

Kyber Network aims to create a liquidity for any token of value that can be used anywhere for swaps in  any wallet or DeFi Protocols

From where it gets Liquidity?

The protocol aggregates liquidity from a variety of reserves like token holders and DEXs, into a single liquidity pool. Something like 1INCH

The KNC Crypto token

Debuted as ERC-20 token. KNC is the native token of Kyber network, used for staking & governance. Total supply  226 million

About KyberDAO

KyberDAO is a decentralised system in which the token holders can participate in the governance of Kyber Network by staking tokens.

Alternate Investment

Checkout Thorchain RUNE crypto, the best alternative to Kyber Network

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