Bored Ape NFTS & the market crash


BAYC or Bored Ape Yacht Club  is a premium NFT collection by Yuga Labs. It has netted over million dollars in sales within  a year of launch.

When was it launched?

BAYC was launched in 2021 with floor price of few hundreds of dollars. Soon after it gained traction and exploded in the  bull market.

About the Collection

The collection comprises of only 10,000 generative art pieces of Bored Apes. Each determined by  the attributes.

Typical Attributes

The attributes includes eyes,  fur, hat, mouth, clothes & background. Laser eyes, crown & gold fur are the premium attributes.

Beiber BAYC NFT #3001

Justin Beiber's owned BAYC NFT fell from $1.3 million to just $69K. He bought the NFT for  500 ETH at the time of making the purchase.

The crash in floor price

Floor Price of BAYC NFTs peaked $429,000 USD right before crypto crash which now fell to $69,000 in the bear market.

Other Celebrity owners

Post Malone, Stephen Curry, Dez Bryant, Eminem & Jimmy Kimmel are the top celebrities owning BAYC NFTs

Crypto market crash

FTX collapse has badly affected the crypto markets. Ethereum value erosion has impacted the price of BAYC NFTs.

BAYC NFT down by 82%

The cheapest available Bored Ape NFT is down by 82%. It may look like the best time to buy NFTs but only few are buying the dip.

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