Japan is opening up  to the web3 world

What's the news?

A statement released by Japanese PM Fumio Kishida, Japan plans to invest in digital transformation including NFT and metaverse services.

Friendly Tax Incentives

In order to push web3, the government will offer tax incentives to companies  that embrace the digital transformation.

Focus on Web 3.0

Kishida’s administration  will focus on promoting  web3.0 services which included expansion of blockchain related services

NFT Whitepaper

The govt. has released NFT Whitepaper which called  Web3 the “the new frontier  of the digital economy".

Boosting Crypto Firms

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) will offer special tax exemption to Japanese crypto companies to help them operate in the country.

Competing with Dubai?

Dubai policies has been promising for web3 companies. Can Japan turn the tide? It's something worth observing

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