ICP Internet computer

ICP Internet computer

What is  Internet Computer?

Internet Computer (ICP) is the 3rd generation decentralized network. Launched in 2016, it aims to free the internet from centralization

Face of ICP

Internet Computer was launched by DFINITY, a swiss based foundation by Dominic Williams. DFINITY raised $200 million to support ICP.

What is  Internet Computer for?

ICP is the first blockchain that can run websites, host internet services and financial systems entirely on a single chain using smart contracts

How does ICP work?

It has a layed out ecosystem governed by NNS (Network Nervous System). Click the link for details -

What about ICP Coin?

ICP is the native currency of Internet Computer. It has total supply of 470 million & used to pay for the gas fee, governance & network rewards

Problems with ICP

1. Not really decentralized  2. Token Allegations 3. Centralized tokenism 4. Weak background

Allegation against ICP

DFINITY foundations owns the largest share of ICP tokens which it dumped in 2021 while not allowing investors to sell their share. A hint towards scam

Will ICP Coin recover?

From being valued at $700, ICP has fallen 95% in value. It's difficult for the coin to recover & hit previous high. Reaching $50 per token is a big deal for ICP.

Alternate Investment

For the current price level-

Does ICP coin  have a future?

Checkout the project roadmap. If you believe that it is on the right track, you can invest in ICP.

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