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HUBLOT Pro Crypto move

What's the news?

Swiss based luxury watchmaker Hublot has inked an agreement with Bitpay to accept payments in cryptocurrencies.

About BitPay

Launched in May 2011, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Bitpay is a crypto payment platform for merchants & retail users

What's the big deal?

Hublot is the first premium luxury brand in the category to open up for crypto payments.

Eligible Coins

Hublot will accept payment in 13 cryptocurrencies that includes BTC, ETH, SHIB, DOGE, USDC etc

The Buying Limit

As per the agreement, There's a limit to crypto payments upto $30000 at  a time facilitated by Bitpay

Accepted Wallets

User can choose to pay from 100 supported wallets including Exodus, Bitpay wallet, Coinbase wallet etc

The Brandwagon

Lamborghini, Tesla & Starbucks are few luxury brands who have accepted crypto payments in the past.

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