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Harmony ONE Coin

Harmony ONE Coin

What is Harmony ONE?

Harmony is a layer 1 blockchain created to address scalability, privacy, decentralization  & security. Its built from scratch, not forked.

Face of ONE

Harmony was founded in 2018 by Stephen Tse, who worked in Google & Apple with specialization in cryptography. The mainnet went live in  June 2019

Technical Specs:

Tx. Speed: 2000 tps Tx Finality: 2 sec Consensus: EPOS Ticker: ONE Token Supply: 13 billion Standard: HRC20

How does it work?

Harmony work on EPOS mechanism using FBFT. Click the link to read the complete project details-

Harmony ONE Coin

ONE is the native token of Harmony. Its used for governance, payments & staking on the chain. Also check-

Will Harmony reach $10?

Having key partnerships with Chainlink, Animoca and many others, Its all set to rise. However, competition between L1 chains may stagnate it to around $1. $10 is difficult

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