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What is STEPN App?

STEPN is an Australian based Move-to-Earn app that rewards everytime you move. The more you run, the more cryptocurrency you earn

STEPN NFT Sneakers

Users have to purchase in-app NFT sneakers to use & earn from the app. Here's how -

Two token Economy

STEPN has two token economy. GMT & GST coins serving different purposes. Check the next slides for details.

GMT Coin

GMT or Green Metaverse Token is the governance token. It is also used for staking & to access in-app features.  Total supply 6 billion

GST Coin

GST coin or Green Satoshi Token is the in-game currency. This is the coin users will earn while using the STEPN app. Supply is unlimited

How does STEPN work?

Users need to access the app & buy NFT sneakers to earn income. Click the link for details -

Which token is better?

If you're looking to invest in any of the two tokens. Go for GMT coin. GMT will have higher value when compared to GST for being a governance & staking token.

Can GMT coin  reach $100?

If move-to-earn category succeed then GMT will be the leading currency. It's likely to hit $100 as the adoption rate increases.

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