Chingari GARI Token

Chingari GARI Token

What is Chingari?

Launched in 2018 and born in India, Chingari is a video sharing mobile app that work similar to TikTok.  The app witnessed massive growth after TikTok ban and later launched GARI token

Chingari Founders

Chingari was developed by Sumit Gosh, Biswatma Nayak and Deepak Salvi. The app has 50 million registered users & its available on both Android & iOS platforms.


1. 3+ million views/hour 2. 50+ million user base 3. 10,000+ active users/min 4. 100K downloads/hour 5. Fastest growing Indian app

The GARI token

GARI is the social token built on Solana. It allows creators & brands to monetize their offerings on the platform. Also check -

GARI Launch

GARI was launched in Oct 2021 by Salman Khan. The public sale raised $40 million within 24 hours. It's a legit and the most successful social token from India.

The Controversy

1. Poor Tokenomics 2. Unsustainable model 3. 80% value erosion  in a single day 4. Not a crypto product

NFT Marketplace

Chingari is launching its NFT marketplace Creator Cuts for users. Details -

Is GARI token dead?

In the down market & after 80% fall in value, it looks like token is dead. However, the app is still intact & booming, therefore GARI will rise again but not so quickly

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