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THe good days are coming to Gamefi

What is GameFi?

GameFi industry is a mix of gaming & finance. It consists of platforms that allow users to play, earn & own in-game items in the form of crypto & NFTs

The Market Size

As per Absolute Reports data, the gameFi industry is poised  to grow to $2.8 billion by 2028 with CAGR of 20.4%.

Better than them

GameFi is seen as a much safer & quieter branch of blockchain industry compared to CeFi & DeFi.

The Concerning issue

Acc. to Cointelegraph, 90% of the existing gamefi projects are unable to deliver results as presented in the trailers. 

The True projects

Projects like SipnPlay games, Axie Infinity are gaining trust  by allowing users to earn real crypto money in BUSD & AXS

SipNPlay Games

Play & Earn BUSD everyday in this gamefi project

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