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It's Gala time with gala games

What Are GALA GAMes?

Gala Games is a blockchain based play-to-earn gaming ecosystem. It operates as Blockchain Game Partners, Inc. which is a for-profit corporation.

Founders oF GALA GAMes

Gala Games was founded in 2019 by Michael McCarthy and Eric Schiermeyer who happens to be one of the co-founders of Zynga.

What is GALA Coin?

Gala Coin is the utility token of the GALA ecosystem, serving in P2P transfer, rewarding nodes & NFT purchase.  It has a total supply of  50 billion

How does GALA Ecosystem work?

Gala is a decentralized network that runs on Founder's node. Check the link for details -

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1. Town Star 2. Mirandus 3.The Walking Dead Many games are yet to be released. You can earn in-game tokens playing these games.

What separates GALA from others?

GALA games are 100% decentralized. It didn't conduct any ICO round and is not backed by VC money. It's a true web3 platform for users by experts.

Is GALA GAMes  free to play?

Yes, GALA games allow users to experience the games for free. I have personally played Town Star without paying anything. Give it a shot.

Why you should play GALA Games?

1. Generate real income 2. Ownership of assets 3. Multi-Gaming platform 4. 100% decentralized 5. Free-to-play mode 6. Browser based games

can gala coin reach $100

GALA is a promising gaming project. It has the potential to reach $100. However, it will take bigger adoption & time.

Is GALA Coin a good investment?

The project is build by game experts with proven track record. It's a reliable project to invest in. Moreover, you can earn real money playing the games.

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