Age of Political interference in tech

About FTX

FTX was one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Infact, by volume FTX was the second largest exchange after Binance sometime back.

Founder of FTX

Sam Bankman-Fried is the founder of FTX. He's also the founder of Alameda Research, the investment arm of FTX.

The Bankruptcy

Acc. to a statement released by Sam, FTX requires over $8 billion to overcome bankruptcy. It has filed for bankruptcy.

About Tornado Cash

Tornado Cash is a decentralized protocol that allow customers to mask or hide the source of crypto funds during transaction

Allegations against Tornado

Tornado is banned in US. It has became a go-to-mixer for hackers (esp. North Korean) masking their wallets before withdrawal.

FTX vs Tornado Cash

FTX stole billions of worth of user funds while the founders  of Tornado cash just created a software which was misused by the hackers.

What happened to founders

Tornado Cash dev. Alexey Pertsev is detained by the  police while FTX founder Sam is roaming freely in Bahamas.

What did we learn?

FTX founder has deep political connections with huge sum of money involved while Tornado is fighing a lone battle.

A Biased System

The case of FTX & Tornado indicates the system is completely biased & work only  in the favour of its members.

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