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Is FTX Crypto Exchange safe?

What is FTX?

FTX is Bahamas based crypto exchange. It was founded to generate wealth to be donated  for charitable cause.

Face of FTX

FTX exchange was founded in May 2019 by Sam Bankman-Fried & Gary Wang. Sam is the billionaire & face of FTX

What can you trade?

FTX is a crypto derivate exchange used to trade all forms of cryptocurrencies from BTC to altcoins.

About FTT token

FTT is the utility token of FTX exchange. Its used to avail trading fee discounts & used as collateral against future positions.

CNBC FTX report

A leaked CNBC documentary revealed that FTX grew its revenue by 1000% in a single year from $89m to $1.02b

Is FTT good buy?

FTT is a discount token & is useful if you're using FTX platform. Moreover, it offers staking rewards. Its a good buy for FTX users

Is FTX Safe?

FTX is a legit crypto exchange. It has reported $10 billion daily trading volume in Feb 2022. It can be trused

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