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Fantom Hidden GEM?

Fantom Hidden GEM?

What is Fantom Crypto?

Fantom is a layer1 blockchain, developed to address Ethereum's scalability issue. It is focused on creating a DeFi ecosystem with negligible fee charges

Fantom Founder

Fantom was launched in 2019 by Ahn Byung Ik. He's also the President of Korean Food tech association & PhD holder in computer science

Technical Specs:

1. Tx Speed: 4500 tps 2. Tx Finality: 1 sec 3. Consensus: Lachesis 4. Ticker: FTM 5. Supply: 3.1 billion Click for details -

Fantom Coin

FTM is the native token of Fantom. It's used for governance, payment & staking. Developers need to hold FTM to access features. Also read-

About Fantom Mainnet

Fantom Mainnet "Opera" was launched in 2019. Opera has the ability to support Ethereum based Dapps. It is also interoperable & support Solidity, language of ETH

Can Fantom reach  $1000?

Fantom is a developing projects focused on building DeFi ecosystem. It can hit $10 but $1000 will take more efforts bcz of high competition

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