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Ethereum  Goerli Merge

What is Goerli?

Goerli is the largest & most active Ethereum Testnet. The final test before transitioning to ETH 2.0

What's with the name?

Goerli is named after a train station in Berlin. It marks the 3rd & final trial run before shifting to POS

The earlier Test Runs

Before Goerli, the team  ran tests on Ropsten and Sepolia testnets. All were equally successful

Why does it matter?

After successful tests, ETH has confirmed its transition to POS, improving tx-speed & congestion issues

Benefits to users

Users will experience high speed of 1500 tps. Greener chain & low energy usage with faster tx finality.

The Due Date

Ethereum will roll-out POS on the mainnet latest by 15th Septh 2022. 

Will it impact market?

Yes, ETH 2.0 is long awaited and with final launch, ETH is expected  to grow multi-fold in value.

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