Spilling some ETHereum secrets

The Top Altcoin

Ethereum is the most favoured Altcoin in the crypto industry. Here're some of the interesting facts about ETH.

ETH is Crowdfunded

Ethereum founders chose crowdfunding over Venture Capital funds. It helped the project grow without external influence.

Testnet names

All the 5 testnets are named after metro stations. For example Goerli, the largest testnet  is named after a metro station in Germany

18 Decimals

The smallest denomination of ETH known as GWEI.  1 ETH =10^18 gwei. Even at high price user can buy ETH in decimals

ETH was forked

The existing version was forked from the classic version after infamous $150 millon DAO hack back in 2015.

Co-founders chains

Ethereum is the only project where the co-founders have built their own chains - Cardano & Polkadot

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