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deep Dive into Ethereum Blockchain

deep Dive into Ethereum Blockchain

What is Ethereum?

Like Android run apps. Ethereum is used to run dapps (decentralized apps) & smart contracts. It's an open-source, highly secure blockchain

Founder of Ethereum

Ethereum was born in 2013. Vitalik Buterin is credited to be the key founder along with  Gavin Wood & Charles Hoskinsons.

Ethereum Specs:

Language: Solidity TPS : 15 Gas Fees : High Explorer: Block time: 13 seconds Also check -

How is Ethereum different from Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is L-1 chain while Ethereum has both  L-1 & L-2.  Layer -1: For ledger Layer-2: For app &  smart contract creation.

What is ETH money?

Also called Ether, ETH is the currency of Ethereum blockchain. It is used for paying the gas fee & securing the network. More details -

What is the difference between ETH and ERC20?

ETH is the currency of Ethereum & ERC20 is the standard representing  the tokens created on Ethereum chain

Do you need Ethereum to buy an NFT?

It depends on the blockchain on which the NFT is created. If it's on Ethereum, You'll need ETH to buy the NFT.

What is ETH2.0?

ETH2.0 is the upgrade version of Ethereum. After complete rollout, Users will experience high transaction speed  & low gas fees.

Will ETH 2.0 make  ETH worthless?

Not at all. You will be able to transfer ETH to ETH 2.0. It will be a smooth process. Make sure to follow us for guidelines

Is it worth investing  into Ethereum?

Blockchain is a promising technology & Ethereum is leading the race. ETH is a promising currency (can  hit $10,000). However,  it's a highly volatile asset.

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