Ethereum Classic - ETC

Ethereum Classic - ETC

What is  Ethereum Classic?

Ethereum Classic is the oldest & original Ethereum chain which works similar to other blockchains with proof of work consensus mechanism

History of Classic

Ethereum Classic came into inception after the hard fork of Ethereum chain. The developers who supported the original code after the DAO hack created ETC.

Technical Specs:

1. Tx Speed: 4 tps 2. Tx Time:  5 - 7 min 2. Consensus: PoW 3. Ticker: ETC 4. Supply: 210 million


It was in 2016 when DAO was created to act as a VC Fund for crypto projects. It was hacked and millions of ETH were drained. The choice: stick to old chain or create new. Hence the split

Code is LAW

The Classic community believes in code and adhere to it despite the hack. Visit the link for complete details & price prediction -

ETC Coin

ETC is the native token of the Classic chain. It helps secure the network, drive transactions & also used to reward miners. Also read -

Will Ethereum Classic  go up?

ETC follows PoW consensus which supports mining. Since ETH is shifting to POS, there're chances for ETC to go up if the miners decided to mine ETC.

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