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Will EOS Rise - again

Will EOS Rise - again

What is EOS?

Launched in 2018, EOS is a blockchain that allow developers to built dapps & smart contracts on the platform. Back in the days it was a prime competitor of Ethereum

Founder of EOS

Daniel Larimer is the founder of Block.one - The company behind EOS. Block.one raised $4.1 billion in the year long EOS ICO in 2018

Technology Specs:

1. Tx Speed: 4000 tps 2. Consensus: DPOS 3. Block Finality: 3 min 4. Exp: eosflare.io 5. EOS Supply: 1 Billion

What is EOS coin  used for?

EOS is the native currency of EOS chain. Developers need to hold EOS to use network resources or build dapps on the platform

What is EOS.IO?

EOS.IO is like an operating system of the blockchain. It's the system infrastructure  that runs the network.

Problems with EOS

1. Governance Issues 2. Accusation of Fraud 3. Block Production issue 4. Illegal selling of tokens Click the link for details -

Will EOS reach $100?

Given the loss of trust It's unlikely for EOS to hit $100. A boost in sentiments is required  to hit $25. Also check-

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