Upcoming misery  for El Salvador

About El Salvador

El Salvador is a country in Central America. It gained fame after the govt. recognised BTC as a legal currency.

First country to accept BTC

In 2021 El Salvador became the first country to accept BTC as a legal tender. BTC is accepted  by merchants alongside USD

The Crypto Conference

Once the limelight of crypto community. The El Salvador  crypto conference received  a cold response this year.

The Cause & Effect

Falling crypto prices & rise in inflation has withered the  interest of people. Resulting  in cold response to such  conferences.

What Salvadorans say?

A poll by the University of Central America (UCA) , 77% Salvadorans consider BTC adoption a failed decision.

Declining Adoption

75.6 per cent of respondents said they never used cryptocurrency in 2022. 

Falling BTC

Good days came to an end in 2022 after BTC lost 70% value since hitting peak in 2021. Bringing negative sentiments around it.

Can BTC hit zero?

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