ED freezes Bitcoins worth ₹12.83 cr

What's the news?

ED freezes Bitcoins worth ₹12.83 cr from a Kolkata based gaming app E-nuggets. The app was created for money laundering

The FIR filed

On 15th Feb 2022, FIR was filed against the owners of the app by Federal Bank authorities for defrauding investors

The Accused

Son of Nesar Ahmed Khan – Aamir Khan is the mastermind behind the scam. He launched the app to collect money from users

Halting Withdrawals

Soon after collecting cash. He stopped the withdrawal facility and deleted public profiles of the users.

Using WazirX

The accused used WazirX crypto exchange to escalate money laundering activities by converting stolen cash into cryptocurrencies

Using dummy account

Dummy account in the name of Sima Naskar was opened in the WazirX, which was used to purchase cryptocurrencies

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