DeCoding eCash

What is eCash?

It's in the name. eCash is the digital currency designed for the internet. It is rebranded from  Bitcoin cash ABC (BCHA) to XEC in 2020

eCash Founder

eCash was a fork of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) created by a team of developers lead by Amaury Séchet.


1. Type: Currency 2. Ticker: XEC 3. Fork of: Bitcoin Cash 4. Supply: 21 trillion 5. Tx speed: 100 tps 6. Block Time 13:42 min

Latest Development

The team is working on CashFushion (mixing transactions) & also implementing Avalanche POS consensus. Both are in-process.


Although XEC is BCH fork. It differs in block time, higher than BCH (11 min). It also fall short in marketcap.

The Notorious Founder

Being unhappy with Bitcoin community, BCH was created, then came XEC. Amaury also claims to be the founder of BTC putting things  to chance.

Can eCash hit  1 dollar?

It's impossible for XEC to hit $1 esp. because of excess supply of tokens and low market value. Hitting $0.01 is big deal

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