e-Sports reconized by India is good news for GameFi? – Katoch Tubes

Esports -  A recognised Sport in India

What is e-Sports?

Electronic sports is a multiplayer video game playing format played competitively by professional gamers.

Like a Premier League

e-Sports is like an IPL in the digital form. Gamers join together as a team to win the tournament & takeaway reward price.

India recognising e-Sports

It came as a welcoming move by GOI as it recognized e-sports as a sport. It will now be taken care of by the Department of Sports.

E-Sport is not iGaming

e-Sports athletes uses physical and mental abilities to win the game against many other game of luck like Rummy or Ludo

How will it affect GameFi?

Recognising esports is a welcoming news but it won't have much affect on GameFi until crypto regulations are in place.

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