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Cashing in Digibyte

Cashing in Digibyte

What is DigiByte DGB?

Founded in 2013, DigiByte is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency & a blockchain platform. It is designed to be scalable & process transactions faster than Bitcoin

DigiByte Founder

Jared Tate is the founder & creator of DigiByte. He created the blockchain to be better & more secure than Bitcoin.

DigiByte Specs

1. Tx Speed: 560 tps 2. Block Time: 15 sec 3. Consensus: POW 4. DGB Supply: 21 Billion 5. Host Dapps: Yes

What is DGB used for?

DGB is the currency of the network. It is used for peer-to-peer transfers, payment for the gas fees & distributing mining rewards.

What are DigiAssets?

DigiAssets is the secondary layer on top of the DigiByte blockchain that allows tokens & smart contracts creation.

DigiByte Mining

DigiByte support multi-algorithmic mining process. Also, it changes the block difficulty after the block is mined. Mine here -

DGB Block Reward

DigiByte mining is fairly simple. The block reward decrease by 1% every month. In July 2022, it rewarded 629.32 DGB  per block.

DigiByte Wallet

You can store DigiByte on the harware wallets like Ledger Nano S. Watch how to do it -

Is DigiByte better  than Bitcoin?

DigiByte is scalable & more secure than Bitcoin. Moreover, it supports Dapps & smart contract. With 3 layered system, it is fairly better than BTC.

DigiByte Competitors

Can DigiByte reach $10?

DigiByte has to develop its ecosystem & attract dapps & smart contract developers to reach $10 else it will be an uphill task.

Is DGB a  good investment?

DGB future depends entirely on the growth of its ecosystem. It needs push from the founder which isn't there at the moment.

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