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The fALL of Luxury watches

What's the news?

The crypto crash has led to the surge in the supply of most sought after segment of second hand luxury watches

The Watches:

The in-demand & rare watches like Rolex Daytona & Patek Philippe are in excess supply, suppressing demand

The Crypto effect:

Surging valuation of cryptocurrencies led to a new class of buyers and more demand in the past. Things took U-turn in 2022

The Domino Effect:

The fall of crypto markets led to excessive selling of luxury watches hence fall in pricing of this segment, hitting record low.

The Good in Bad:

If you're a fan of luxury watches & have cash in hand. This is the best time to get into this segment and get your Daytona.

More Good News

Now you can buy Hublot watches with cryptos like SHIB, DOGE Details-

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